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Juvenile Clients Have Rights to and an Entire System That Is Different From the Adult Courts

The Law Office of Ann Thayer understands that juvenile and adult criminal cases are different.:

Age- In Virginia, if you are under the age of 18, you are considered a juvenile and will be tried through the juvenile system unless you are 14 years or older and a Commonwealth Attorney files a motion to certify the juvenile to have the kid tried as an adult. Some charges will cause a juvenile to be automatically certified as an adult if a Juvenile Judge finds probable cause and some charges allow a Juvenile Judge discretion to keep the kid in juvenile court or certify the juvenile to be tried as an adult.

Trial- As a juvenile, once the case is certified, you can request a jury of your peers hear the trial. The jury will only hear the guilt/innocence phase of the trial though. If the Jury convicts you then a Judge will determine the juvenile’s sentence on a later date. If you are an adult and have your case heard by a jury the jury determines whether you are innocent or guilty and also sentences you.

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