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Shoplifting Can Be Different Acts

People shoplift for different reasons: a momentary lapse in judgment, peer pressure, necessity, lack of funds, easy access, or just the thrill. Both juveniles and adults can find themselves charged. Learn more about shoplifting in Virginia below.

Taking Items from a Store or Altering Prices- The action of taking items or property from a store is considered to be shoplifting. A person can be accused of shoplifting even while they are still in the store. Swapping price tags or reducing the price of an item for your benefit without permission is considered a form of shoplifting.

Amounts- Depending on the value of the items, you could be facing a misdemeanor or felony charge.

Burglary Tools-Using a device or instrument to assist you in taking an item can result in an additional charge.

Juvenile shoplifting charges in Fairfax, VA, may differ, but our attorneys can defend juveniles and adults for shoplifting. For additional legal information about how our attorneys can help, you can call our law firm at (703) 940-0001 right now and we will schedule a consultation to discuss your particular situation.