Juvenile Crime in Virginia - Protect Your Child If They Have Been Accused

How to Protect Your Child if They Have Been Accused of a Juvenile Crime in Virginia

As a parent, one of the most difficult moments of your life could be the one in which you find out that your child has run into trouble with the law. Whether or not your child is innocent is immaterial in this moment; instead, every part of you will be torn between anger, confusion, and a desire to protect your child. If you live in Fairfax County, it's vital that you understand what to do if your child is accused of a juvenile crime in Virginia.

It's absolutely natural to believe that you are the person best qualified to protect your son or daughter in any situation. In truth, though, a parent's most important job if his or her child runs into trouble with the law is to make sure that your child has the right kind of representation. It is vital that you not only reach out to a lawyer but that you specifically reach out to a lawyer who has experience in juvenile court as well as in defending clients against the charge brought against your child.

Once you have a lawyer, you'll have to do something even more difficult - you'll need to step back. As hard as this may be, you must ensure that you are able to let the lawyer talk to your child and to gather facts about what happened. Though it is completely natural to try to defend your child even when others are trying to help, it is necessary for parents to step out of the way.

While a lawyer will help with your child's case, it will be up to you to protect your child in other ways. Whether innocent or guilty, your child will come under a great deal of scrutiny. You can best protect him or her during these times, both by helping your child to make the right decisions in terms of who he or she engages with and by ensuring that your child is able to make it to various scheduled court appointments in a timely manner. Your job will be to ensure that your child is able to move through this situation in a way that won't cause even more problems.

If your child is accused of a juvenile crime in Virginia, you'll need to protect him or her both by finding the right lawyer and by helping him or her to minimize other repercussions while awaiting trial. If your child has experienced a run-in with the law, make sure to contact The Law Office of Ann Thayer, PLLC today at (703) 940-0001.