Concerned mother and daughter sitting together

What To Do If Your Child Is Arrested For Shoplifting

Shoplifting is a crime that gets many juveniles in trouble either because they succumb to peer pressure or because they are tempted to steal so they have what other kids have. As criminal lawyers in Fairfax, VA, who defend juvenile, we recommend that you at least speak with an attorney if your child has been charged with a shoplifting offense. At The Law Office of Ann Thayer, we understand the extreme stress that follows when your child is arrested. We know the process can be confusing and seem overwhelming as you ponder how this can affect your kid’s future.

Juveniles who have never been charged before often can be diverted from the court system and will not need an attorney. We have years of experience with juvenile cases so contact us today so we can discuss with you if your kid is eligible for diversion or what will happen if they do have to go to court.

Juvenile cases are set pretty quickly in court so it will be helpful to speak with an attorney as soon as your kid is charged so you can get an understanding of what is ahead. Our team has a full understanding of the ins and outs of juvenile cases. It’s important for you to understand that juvenile cases are quite different from adult cases. There is a separate code full of statutes addressing cases in juvenile court and we take great pride in keeping informed of the procedures and laws that apply to a juvenile case.

Remember, your child’s entire life is ahead of them, and the damage caused by a shoplifting conviction could affect them for the rest of their educational career as well as their professional life. We will work hard to provide your child with the best possible results for his or her case. We will help you prepare for court and suggest things your kid can do in advance of court to better their chances at a favorable outcome. We will make sure all your questions are answered and that we fight every step of the way to try for the best result possible for your juvenile.