Father speaking with distraught son

How To Support Your Child With Juvenile Criminal Charges

Has your child been arrested for a criminal offense? This is probably one of the last things you want to think about as a parent, but juveniles make mistakes and how you respond can make a difference in your child’s situation, and his or her life.

It is important to understand that criminal charges for adults and delinquency petitions for juveniles are two different things. For the most part, the juvenile justice system is designed to rehabilitate children instead of punishing them. One of the first things you should do as a parent, no matter what the charge, is reach out to a Fairfax juvenile attorney capable of helping guide you and your child through the legal proceedings. Sometimes a juvenile can be diverted from court and will not even need an attorney. An experienced attorney at Taylor Law Company can review your options with you.

Once you know someone is looking out for the legal aspects of your child’s case, you are able to spend more time providing your kid with the parental support they need. It is important for you to let your child know that you care about them, while also making sure they understand that you do not condone criminal activities.

You can help keep your child on track by making sure they get to school on time every day and do not miss classes, that they have a curfew, that you know there whereabouts at all times, that you know their friends and who they are spending their free time with, that you take phones or other things they enjoy away as punishments, that you get them in counseling or treatment if they need it, have them write apology letters or an essay on how their crime impacted the community or your family, or have them do community service to help give back to the community in which they committed an offense.