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Understand What the Different Types of Protective Orders Are in Virginia

Learn How to Stay Safe with a Protective Order

If you think you need a protective order in Fairfax, you should be familiar with the different types of orders. A protective order is a legal order from a judge intended to protect any person whose health and safety are believed to be at risk of violence, injury, sexual assault, or death from another person. It is important to know how to file for the proper order. You should also be ready to provide relevant evidence or proof to the Judge so a decision can be made whether to grant the protective order.

What Are the Different Types of Protective Orders?

If you’re in immediate danger from another person, it’s important to call emergency services first. After the immediate threat is handled, you can get in touch with a skilled attorney to start the protective order process. There are three main types of protective orders:

•Emergency Protective Order (EPO): This type of order is intended to protect people from immediate threats. It usually expires three days after being issued or at 5 pm next business day if the court is closed when the order expires.

•Preliminary Protective Order (PPO): This order lasts for about 15 days or until a preliminary hearing is held to determine whether a permanent protective order should be issued.

•Permanent Protective Order: This order can last for up to two years.