Protective Order in Fairfax County, Virginia

How to Protect Yourself if You Have Been Issued a Protective Order in Fairfax County

It's an unfortunate reality that accusations of domestic violence frequently are thrown around in the midst of a fight or a divorce. Sometimes, these accusations are valid, but there are other situations in which they are not.

If you are named as the respondent for a protective order in Fairfax County, then it's critical that you obey the terms of the order. The other imperative thing that must be done is securing competent defense counsel.

A protective order in Fairfax County initially is issued based on a preliminary or emergency basis. However, that order may become permanent depending upon the outcome of a hearing. This makes it vital that you find an attorney who can help you fight that restraining order.

When a court issues an order of protection, the subject of the order is required to refrain from certain behavior. Usually, these behaviors consist of things like contacting or trying to see the person who requested the order.

It's important to understand that being the subject of a restraining order is a serious legal matter, and you have rights under the law. For instance, you are entitled to official notification of the permanent order of protection and to a court hearing so that you have an opportunity to defend yourself.

Whatever you do, do not ignore the order of protection. It makes far more sense to gather all of the information that you can, including about your rights and your options for proceeding. This means consulting with a lawyer so that you can fully participate in the court process.

Remember that you can be charged with a crime if the petitioner who asked for the protective order accuses you of violating that order. Accordingly, it is wise to comply with all of the restrictions in the order.

A preliminary protective order is valid for up to 15 days or until a full court hearing can be held. This means that if you find out that someone has gotten a preliminary protective order on you, it makes sense to act quickly to find a lawyer. Your hearing could come up in as little as a week.

When you're facing a hearing over a protective order in Fairfax County, it best to use your time wisely. Gather any evidence that might support your case like photos, videos, and clothing, then contact The Law Office of Ann Thayer at (703) 940-0001.