Woman looking over her shoulder

How Can a Protective Order Help You?

Stalking, threats, assault, and domestic violence are some of the many reasons you may petition for a protective order. The Law Office of Ann Thayer wants to assist you during this difficult time. We want to help you through this terrifying situation, which is why we want you to know some ways a protective order can help you:

Stop All Contact-A protective order prevents all types of contact including in person, over the phone, personal deliveries, contacting you through a third party like a family member or friend, or can limit contact to text or email if needed to discuss custody of children or visits, etc.

Possession of the Residence and Vehicle- You do not have to worry anymore about this person showing up at your house. If you own or jointly own a vehicle you can be given use of that vehicle.

Children or Pets-You can be given temporary custody of the kids or given temporary child support for the kids. You can also be given possession of any companion animal.

Always looking over your shoulder and avoiding unknown phone calls is a thing of the past because the person faces jail if this person does contact you. Your safety is our number one priority, so you can trust The Law Office of Ann Thayer to help you seek protection with obtaining a protective order in Fairfax. Give us a call at (703) 940-0001 immediately if you are in need of protection.