Rear view mirror with police car in the reflection

If You Are Stopped by a Traffic Violations Follow These Tips

When you see those blue lights in your rearview mirror, you probably get a knot in your stomach because a ticket is the last thing you were expecting or need. Here are some good tips to follow if you are pulled over by the police for a traffic offense:

Be Polite- Understand that police officers are doing their job. If you can make it easier for them your chances of getting a warning versus receiving a ticket may increase. If it is night time, you can turn on the light inside your vehicle so they can see while speaking with you or turn off your vehicle so the officer is not concerned about your driving off, or put out your cigarette so smoke does not blow on the cop.

Do Not Lie- When you are honest with a police officer, it can go a long way and even if does not prevent a ticket it could help you get a better result in court once officer tells Judge or Commonwealth Attorney you were truthful.

Have Your Items Ready- Once you pull over, get out your insurance proof, car registration, and license because the police officer will ask for them.

If you are given a ticket, you will need a Fairfax reckless driving lawyer to help you through the court process.