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Ways to Get out of a Traffic Ticket

Sooner or later, everyone receives a traffic ticket. You may have been speeding or you may have run a red light. You may even have been served with a warrant after being charged with a DUI or DWI. No matter the reason, you’re now saddled with a fine you may not be able to pay, and you may face traffic school, community service, loss of license, and jail time.

Don’t settle for the fines and imprisonment. Instead, fight back with help from a skilled traffic lawyer in Fairfax, VA. Many people don’t realize that they can dispute their traffic tickets. This is because most traffic tickets come with relatively small fines that are not worth disputing. However, if you’ve been charged with a crime AND issued a ticket, it is likely worth your while to dispute. Before doing so, ensure you’ve retained an experienced lawyer. They can help you prepare your defense well before your first court date.

Pleading “Not Guilty”

You must visit the district or circuit court in charge of your case in person to plead “not guilty.” Then, you must follow up with the court on dates that they will determine. If you do not, you could face serious punishments, including jail time. But with a traffic lawyer in Fairfax, VA on your side, you can avoid these punishments and ensure you’re ready to fight back against your ticket and your charges, if applicable.

How a Lawyer Can Help

Your lawyer will have the experience and resources needed to identify any legal issues in the case brought against you. He or she will also attempt to convince the court that you don’t deserve the punishment you’ve received. This could lead to your charges being reduced or dropped altogether. Considering the havoc that numerous license points, fines, and mandatory traffic school can wreak on your life, a traffic lawyer can be a great benefit to you. Sometimes they can even appear in court on your behalf saving you from having to miss work, school, or getting a babysitter.