Man texting while driving

How to Get Your Life Back on Track After an Accident

Whether you made a habit of driving while distracted, thinking you had control and accidents would never happen to you, or you made the mistake of using the phone or performing some other task while driving just once and it still led to an accident, your life will change as a result. If you’re fortunate, no one was hurt and you just have property damage to worry about. If not, you could be facing some serious consequences. You can’t undo the past. You can, however, move forward to the best of your ability.

Get a Lawyer

Hire the best Fairfax reckless driving lawyer to help you navigate the months ahead as you prepare to defend yourself against any pending lawsuits. You need a specialist who’s worked with reckless driving cases before.

Don’t Comment

You may be tempted to explain what happened or stress that you’re usually a careful driver. You may even be sure another driver or person is partly to blame, but if you were indeed using a phone or otherwise driving recklessly, you’ll still face much of the blame. Don’t lessen your chances of a favorable settlement or outcome by commenting to anyone — to the other parties, to other lawyers, to journalists, or to insurance companies. Let your attorney do all the commenting.

Don’t Break Any Conditions

If your license was suspended as a result of the accident, do not get behind the wheel under any circumstances until you’re able to get the suspension lifted. If you’re caught, you could lose your case. Take public transportation, get a friend to drive, hire a taxi, or use a mobile driver’s app to get places.

Contact The Law Office of Ann Thayer as soon as possible after an accident. We will help you navigate the legal waters surrounding your accident to minimize the impact the accident has on your daily life. That means less money out of your pocket and less time spent worrying about the case or settlement.