Fairfax Criminal Lawyer Can Help You with Your Defense

How a Fairfax Criminal Lawyer Can Help You with Your Defense

If you are facing criminal charges in Fairfax County, then there are a couple of things to keep in mind. The first is: do not talk to the police. The second is: find a good Fairfax criminal lawyer.

Most people know that it isn't wise to try to represent themselves in court. Nonetheless, they tend to put off hiring a defense lawyer even after they have been arrested. Perhaps they are hoping that the charges will just go away. Perhaps they are just scared of the court system. Perhaps they are just in denial of what they are facing. Unfortunately, this is the worst possible time to do nothing and hope for the best.

Being Proactive Can Make a Big Difference in the Outcome of Your Case

Instead, you can be proactive by hiring an experienced defense attorney. It is the lawyer's responsibility to research all of the facts that may affect the case. This may involve a comprehensive investigation so it makes sense to give your attorney as much time as possible to prepare your case. The attorney needs time to discover the facts and law that make your case unique. Sometimes subtle distinctions or errors or issues can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case.

Your defense lawyer also will analyze the prosecutor's case to determine how strong it is and to counter any arguments and evidence that the prosecutor might produce. Interviewing witnesses and reviewing the circumstances of your arrest and the police investigation also fall under the attorney's responsibilities. Finally, your attorney will know the case law and statutes or will research the law to figure out how best to fight your case. Thanks to the completion of a thorough investigation, it may be possible for your lawyer to have the charges against you reduced or dropped. It may not even be necessary to go to trial if your case can be resolved without the risk of a trial.

Your Criminal Lawyer Can Negotiate on Your Behalf

Your Fairfax criminal lawyer also may spend considerable time negotiating with the prosecutors to try to have the charges against you reduced or dropped. For example, your attorney may try to obtain reduced bail if you are in jail or may try to negotiate for a plea agreement in lieu of bail so your case can be resolved quicker. Before or on your court date (depending on which county your case is in) your attorney can try to get the charge dismissed or work out an agreement that resolves your case more favorably. If the case goes to trial and you are found guilty then your lawyer will be prepared with mitigation in your case to try to convince the judge why you do not need jail or why jail should be limited.

Because of overloaded court calendars and overcrowded jails, negotiating deals for clients is a bigger part of the defense attorney's job than ever before. That is why it's critical for defendants to hire an attorney at the earliest opportunity.

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