covid 19 on face masks

COVID 19 Announcement

If you need to go to a courthouse for any reason whether it is for court, to pay fines and costs, file something, etc please be aware that many courthouses in Northern Virginia are requiring face coverings before you are allowed in the courthouse. Fairfax County, Loudoun County, and Arlington County have all issued court orders or updates with their policies. Please make sure to have a facemask or covering for your nose and mouth so your case is not affected. Now that these orders have been entered, not every judge will accept an excuse for missing court because you were not allowed in without a facemask. The courts are also taking temperatures, asking questions about any illnesses or symptoms you have, whether you have been exposed to anyone, whether you have traveled, etc. Courts are also limiting access to those that have a case or need to file something so some may be denied if they are just coming for support etc. If you have questions about the policies and procedures for a court you need to go to talk to your lawyer or call the clerk's office or check out the website for the court you need to go to for any updates.