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The Law Office of Ann Thayer Handles a Variety of Criminal Matters in Court

Here at The Law Office of Ann Thayer, we take on a range of criminal cases because we are here to represent members in the community. We handle a variety of different types of cases but here is a sampling of the types of cases we defend:​

Assault and Battery

We handle domestic assault and battery cases which involve family or household members as well as regular assault and battery charges and more serious charges like malicious wounding and strangulation.


There are misdemeanor and felony charges you can get for stealing whether it be from a person or shoplifting from a store or embezzling from your job.


From prescription drug fraud to possession or intent to sell marijuana or other drugs, our attorneys have experience defending cases just like these. We’ll put our extensive knowledge of the laws and legal system to work for you and your family.

You can schedule a meeting with one of our attorneys to discuss the specific details of your situation, and we will provide helpful information. Call a trusted Fairfax criminal defense lawyer at (703) 940-0001 today and receive legal guidance that applies to your circumstance.