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Can Eyewitness Testimony Be Trusted?

Eyewitness testimony can be complicated. This type of testimony involves a witness to an event describing what they saw or heard. However, the way a witness describes an event may not be entirely accurate. Research has shown that eyewitnesses often have difficulty accurately describing the specific details of the circumstances they recall.

The Difficulties Associated with Eyewitness Testimony

There are numerous examples of eyewitnesses who provided inaccurate testimony that led to the incarceration of innocent people. A witness’s recollection of an event may have been affected by their view, eyesight, the visibility conditions during the event in question, or have a bias or reason to fabricate or mislead someone in relaying what they witnessed.

Some witnesses have trouble distinguishing between faces, which can influence their memory of what took place. Additionally, witnesses may feel encouraged to fill in the gaps in their testimony to be helpful to law enforcement. When combined, these factors make it challenging to rely entirely on eyewitness testimony. In cases where this testimony is inaccurate, the effects on the individual being charged can be devastating.

Protect Your Legal Rights

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