Police officer holding breathalyzer

Ignition Interlock and No Car

Virginia amended its law a few years ago and now requires that anyone convicted of DUI must have an ignition interlock installed for at least 6 months with no issues. However, for those without cars, there is a way around this. As long as your alcohol level was .14 or below then you do not have to install the machine so long as you do not obtain a restricted license and have a year of no driving. If you want a restricted license you will need to have the machine installed. If your breath or blood result was .15 or higher then you still need to have the machine installed in order to comply with the law. You will not have the option of just not getting a license and walking for 1 year.

This helps those who do not usually drive or who do not own vehicles as if they were required to meet a requirement to install ignition interlock when they do not own a vehicle, they would never be able to comply with the law.