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What May Influence a Virginia Judge to Reinstate a License After a DUI

There are rules and sentencing guidelines. However, that does not mean that every person convicted of drunk driving in Virginia receives the same sentence. A judge may consider many factors when, for example, deciding whether to reinstate your driver’s license.

6 Factors a Judge May Consider

Generally, when deciding whether or not to allow you to have your Virginia license reinstated, a judge may consider whether:

  • You had any prior drunk driving convictions.

  • Anyone was injured because of your alleged drunk driving.

  • Anyone was killed because of your alleged drunk driving.

  • You need to drive to work or school.

  • You need to transport or visit children.

  • Other hardships or factors are relevant.

Of course, a judge cannot consider these factors if he or she does not know about them. While your criminal record and the injuries or fatalities caused by your accident may be well known, it may be up to you and your VA DUI lawyer to explain your personal circumstances and why a driver’s license is important to you.

Call a Fairfax DWI Lawyer for Help

An experienced Fairfax DWI attorney knows the things that the judge is allowed to consider when the judge is deciding whether to allow you to drive again, and an experienced Fairfax drunk driving lawyer will zealously advocate on your behalf.

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