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Choosing the Best DUI Lawyer in Fairfax County

Facing a DUI can be nerve-wracking, especially when your career is on the line. Add to that the stress of trying to determine who is the best DUI lawyer in Fairfax County to handle your case, and you probably feel more than overwhelmed.

That is why The Law Office of Ann Thayer has compiled a list of the Top Three Questions to ask before hiring a Fairfax DUI attorney. Make sure to address each of the following with the prospective attorney before signing any contract or giving him or her a retainer fee.

  1. What types of cases does your firm handle? Avoid enlisting the help of a firm that dabbles in many different areas of the law. If you need a criminal defense attorney for your Virginia DUI, hire a defense firm. Don’t let the outcome of your case be determined by someone who frequently plays both sides of the field.

  2. What types of relationships or inside knowledge do you have with the court system in which I was charged? Knowing how the prosecutors tend to charge and how the judges tend to decide DUI cases in the jurisdiction where you were arrested can make all the difference in your case. Finding an attorney who has a strong, working relationship with those working in the courts may eventually help your case.

  3. Will I be given all of my options? An attorney who provides you will all of your available options – even the ones that do not seem like the best choice – gives you the opportunity to discuss circumstances that may not have been brought up otherwise. For example, going through the long list of defense choices can help trigger your memory of things that the police might have said or did the night of your arrest that could change the outcome of your case.

The best way to figure out who is most capable of helping you is to ask. Contact the lawyers at The Law Office of Ann Thayer today (703) 940-0001 to schedule your complimentary case evaluation, where you can sit down and ask as many questions as you need in order to get the answers you are looking for.