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How a Virginia DUI Conviction May Affect Your Car Insurance Policy

Our Fairfax DUI defense attorneys have discussed the potential penalties of a Virginia drunk-driving conviction before. Those penalties were the consequences that could be imposed by the Commonwealth of Virginia after a drunk driving conviction or guilty plea. However, those may not be the only penalties that you face after a Virginia drunk driving conviction.

Auto Insurance Companies May Also Impose Penalties

Typically, you will be required to file a form with your insurer if you are convicted of drunk driving in Virginia. That will put your insurer on notice of the conviction. Your car insurance rates may increase significantly after a Virginia DUI conviction because your insurance company (or any other that you call) may classify you as a high-risk driver. Worse, your car insurance company may terminate your policy and it may be very difficult to find another insurer who is willing to take you as a customer. Without car insurance, you cannot legally drive in Virginia.

You Can Fight to Keep Your Auto Insurance After a Virginia DUI Arrest

While it may be possible to negotiate a new car insurance policy with an insurer, the negotiations may be difficult and the final result may be expensive. You may have better results by fighting the drunk driving charges against you and fighting against a Virginia drunk driving conviction.

For more information about how to fight all Virginia drunk-driving penalties whether imposed by the state or insurers, please contact an experienced Fairfax drunk driving defense lawyer today.